The Summer is hands down the busiest time for weddings, and at Castle Manor that is no different. We want to let you know the inside scoop on some of the popular themes and decorations we have seen so far!

So, without further ado let’s highlight those Summer 2021 trends!

Bold Flowers-Summertime is all about the bright colors and floral arrangements. We have seen such beautiful bouquets of roses and wildflowers at the wedding ceremonies and receptions. These magnificent floral pieces have been used to make entrance tables stand out, add pop to the ceremony rows of chairs, and even stand alone as centerpieces. The bold colors of these flowers have been elegant, exquisite, and look amazing combined with our Castle.

This stunning bouquet was done by Utah State University Catering, it added so much color and design to the couple’s special night.

Natural Wood Slice Centerpieces– Natural wood slices have been popular for some time now! It is the perfect touch to your centerpiece and can be combined with a photo of the couple, flowers, and decorative candles among other things. It gives off that rustic look that so many of us love while also being affordable and easy to assemble.

Here is a beautiful centerpiece with that natural wood slice accompanied by a little floral arrangement, photo of the couple, and a glass vase with string lights.

Simple and Elegant White Cakes– The intricate design for the wedding cake is definitely something to consider. The trend we have seen this summer has been lots of simple, but elegant white wedding cakes that are made into masterpieces with added flower arrangements. The cakes that have made an impression this summer season are these two!

We absolutely love this one! This cake was decorated with artificial flowers and placed on a natural wood slice three-tier-stand.
The flowers throughout and touches of greenery at the base, make this one hard not to love. It was put together so graciously and was well talked about at the reception.

Greenery- Adding a little bit of greenery can completely transform a look and make it radiant. The perfect example of this, is using greenery pieces such as; eucalyptus leaves or green vines to add color to your white tablecloths, centerpieces, entrance tables, and much more. It creates the beautiful vibe of life and nature.

This food and refreshment table with a little greenery added just shows you how it can change the look and make the reception nice while still keeping it simple and cost affordable. The use of artificial greenery has been a trend for a long time because it is absolutely breathtaking what can be accomplished with it.

Gazebo Ceremony & Dance Space– Last, but not least we have our beautiful gazebo. Our gazebo is such a gorgeous addition to any event! The gazebo has been used for so many wedding ceremonies and receptions.

In this particular photo it has been tastefully decorated with floral arrangements, string lights, sheer fabrics and used as a dance floor.

As the months continue, we hope to see more and more summer trends and will definitely keep you updated on what is new and in style!

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As always,

your friends at Castle Manor