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Summer is the best time to have a wedding to celebrate your love and commitment. Sure, it’s
hot outside, but many people love the flowers in full bloom and the gorgeous weather. Other
seasons can be a bit more unpredictable, especially if you want to have your wedding outside.
So many decisions go into this big day, and you may feel like you’re spinning with ideas but
have no real direction. Weddings typically follow themes, and here are some of the best ones

  1. Fairy Tale Princess Nuptials
    It doesn’t matter the time of year, as you can always have a princess wedding. These are
    usually over-the-top fares that are all about glitz and glamour. You can use your imagination to
    create something worthy of royalty. Maybe you want to be whisked away in a horse-drawn
    carriage or the bride wants to wear a crown. You can certainly feel like the queen of the ball with
    this type of ceremony.
  2. A Day At The Beach
    Ocean waters are known for their tranquility, which is why so many people choose them as their
    wedding spot. Any waterfront venue is a popular choice because of the euphoric feeling it
    provides. You can play up the beach vibes with a mermaid-type wedding. Another benefit is that
    you don’t have to go formal in this setting, as you can use a more laid-back vibe. These informal
    weddings may be just what you want, and of course, even shoes are optional.
  3. A Boho Chic Fanfare
    Styling a boho wedding is popular right now. People can’t get enough of the macrame, and
    natural linens often used in this décor style. The boho theme is more for those who tend to be a
    bit free-spirited, as you use nature as much of the focus. You can play up the decor by bringing
    in succulents, greenery, and even feathers. This is certainly not a wedding where everything
    must match, as you want to bring an eclectic vibe to the day.
  4. Rustic Barn Ceremony
    Nothing screams summer nuptials like getting hitched in a barn. Who needs all those fancy
    outfits when you can adorn boots and western gear? Having guests sit on bales of hay and playing country music gives this type of ceremony a whole different vibe. The dancing can be fun at these events, as you can do a do-se-do, two-step, or traditional line dance.
  5. Garden Romance
    Garden romance weddings are spectacular. You can play up the whole romance theme by
    using vibrant flowers. The lush flower arrangements are only one element of this tranquil
    ceremony, as you can play up the romance, whimsy, and sophistication with this theme.
    Transport your guests to a lover’s garden where the service and picture-taking opportunities are
  6. Retro Vibes
    Some people like to pay homage to the 1970s when colors were bold, and fashion was
    sensational. You can get into the theme of this summer wedding by using flowers of the vibrant
    orange and yellow variety. Using psychedelic colors is mandatory, as it wouldn’t be the 1970s
    without those bold hues.
    The groovy music options are endless, as are the disco-type dances you can incorporate. The
    groom could even wear a pair of bell bottoms if he desired. You can have a lot of fun with this
    wedding, and the cost is economical when you use threads and decor from thrift or antique

Choosing The Right Summer Theme For Your Day:

Each person has a unique personality and preferences. Using one of the six themes above, you can find a style that fits you perfectly. There’s no reason to try to fit into a fancy gown when it’s a barn-style wedding you desire. With a little creativity, your day can be magazine worthy!!!

contributed by Tracie Johnson