Doves, rice, confetti, sparklers, we have seen it all! But maybe these aren’t your style? Take a look at some of our favorite original send offs and call them their own!

Biodegradable Confetti

Photographer: Kailey Ray Photo

A modern twist on a classic! This year, we are all about sustainable materials and environment-friendly. Having biodegradable decorations, favors, and confetti is a great way to highlight your special day!


Photographer: Kailey Ray Photo

This is one of our personal favorites! Liquid soap used to make bubbles is cheap and easily accessible. You can also amp the party up by giving your groomsmen electric bubble wands!

Fiber-optic Wands

Glow wands are a great alternative to sparklers, as some venues do not allow open flames (ask us about our policy!). Fiber-optic wands are battery powered so you do not need to worry about dull glow sticks. They also come in a variety of different colors!



We haven’t seen this one at Castle Manor yet, but we hope to! While doves are elegant, we feel that butterflies provide a more intimate moment for you and your new spouse. Bring on Spring!!


Photographer: Courtney Blair Photography

Forgot about the send off? No worries! We’ve got fall leaves, reusable petals, and other fun things to throw for days!