Are you planning a special event? Are you worried about breaking the bank? Are you looking to plan on a fun holiday? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should definitely consider a weekday wedding.

There are some benefits as well as drawbacks to planning a weekday wedding or event in general.

Some of those benefits could be:

  • More intimate event
  • More times available
  • Flexible pricing & discounts from vendors
  • Less stress on you & the vendors
  • Affordable travel & accommodations

Some of the things to consider are lower RSVP rates which could mean a smaller and more intimate event. Which could be a benefit.

Martha Stewart says, “Weekday weddings will have a lower RSVP rate than weekend weddings. That’s because most guests work during the week.” She also says it could be a good idea to be ready to communicate with your guests. For some it is a good reminder to alert guests a decent time in advance.

Martha Stewart also says, “Send the invitation at least three months before the wedding, and send the save-the-date eight months to a year beforehand.” That way the guests will have plenty of time to plan vacation days or time off.

Something else to keep in mind would be planning an evening wedding. This would allow for guests to come without taking time off. And a weekday wedding means better options for timing because you wouldn’t have to plan around other events.

Another benefit is that some vendors offer flexible pricing for weekday weddings. Here at the Castle, we offer a 10% discount on planning your event for a weekday. A weekday wedding can also mean less stress for you and your vendors. It should be easier to book with vendors due to less scheduling conflicts with other clients. This gives you access to preferred venues and vendors.

A different benefit to keep in mind is travel and accommodations are typically cheaper for a weekday. Think about a weekday wedding and save on airfare and hotels because they tend to be cheaper during the week. Usually hotels are unable to fill every room throughout the week, so naturally they offer lower rates.

Doesn’t a weekday wedding sound much more appealing now? Probably something you weren’t considering before but it could be a great idea for your special day.