Wanting to have a blast from the past on your special day? Go for a vintage themed wedding! First, vintage can mean different things so first things first, make sure to choose your era! Wanting to go more 1920’s or are you wanting more of the 1960’s feel? When thinking of a color palette vintage can be lots of neutrals and some pretty pastels. Lace is also a beautiful detail to add when looking to have that vintage touch, which could be a wonderful idea to put into a wedding or bridesmaid dress.

Did you know we have a photo booth available to rent?! Photo booths are a fun way to bring that fun touch as well, go ahead and set your picture to black and white to really give it that feel. Lastly the wedding cake is another great place to let vintage shine! Sticking to muted colors, pearls, florals, and ribbon are all great ideas for a vintage cake.