Courtesty of Emma Miller (Founder, Vow To Be Chic)

The rustic wedding is romantic, charming and photographs beautifully. It’s a popular idea these days, as it is also often affordable, and full of amazing DIY opportunities!

Rustic chic is a buzz phrase these days–and it includes a number of types of weddings which can be stunningly beautiful.  Perhaps you’re into a farm wedding, camp-inspired, vintage barn or even bohemian backyard! All of those are now possible.

Beyond the opportunities for DIY projects (and there are potentially thousands out there!), there is also the possibility of more and more online shopping availability, as the rustic theme becomes more popular.

When my husband and I had a farm wedding, we largely did it for the ease of space and openness. I treasure now the pictures of us, standing in our cornfield, holding our puppies in my wedding dress!

I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

A really lovely way to continue the theme of the rustic wedding is to get the wedding party rustic gifts. From the mother of the bride to the junior groomsmen, there are all sorts of beautiful and yet rustic ideas available. 

Let’s explore a few of the things that are out there online–personal, unique and rustic chic. Oooh, did I rhyme there?

  1. Hatchets from

Custom Engraved Hatchets, $65.00

Wedding hatchets? What? Oh, heck yes. There is something about a hatchet-throwing contest that brings out a special childhood dream in men and boys alike!

The hatchet is another time, the spirit of Robin Hood–the adventurous knight rescuing a damsel. It is the hunter spirit! And nothing says rustic like a hatchet.  Really.

So–some specifics: These are hand-sanded and stained. They are engraved on the handle and branded on the blade.  If you want a name, that’s included in the price.  But for $20 more (maybe the best man???) You can add a picture. Perhaps his face, or a hungry wolf!

A note:  Get these early.  They take 6 weeks.  But quality is worth waiting for.

2. Dopp Kit from

Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag, $54.00-$80.00

So, maybe a toiletry bag doesn’t seem particularly rustic–but the “gorgeous and soft leather” (that’s from a review on their site) bags have a rustic and beautiful look. 

Besides, what’s the chance in this day and age that you don’t have at least one bearded groomsman who needs a kit? Pretty slim, I’d say.

The kit comes in small to X large and can be with or without the groomsmen initials. Men notoriously have nothing but a plastic bag to carry their toiletries when they travel. Help to look like the well-traveled gentlemen they want to be!

With 17,000 five star reviews (I know, right?) this is a quality product.  It’s oil-tanned leather, full-grain US cowhide. “Strong, durable, and watertight” is how their website puts it. 

This is designed to last for years. Just like your groomsmen!

3. Grill Set from

Personalized BBQ Grill Tool Set, $58.87

Hardly anything is more universally loved by the men in my life than a night at the grill. This set of “essentials,” with three grilling tools and a personalized box, is great for easy travel, camping, and storage.

Not only that, but because each tool is personalized, there is an ease to not losing your tools at places like parties or public campgrounds.

Made from stainless steel, the set is designed to be durable and last as long as your groomsmen want to keep grilling.  You can also “upgrade” the gift by adding something like a smoker box, mesquite chips, or other popular less essential grilling tools. 

Not only can you personalize this set, but they will actually personalize with anything you want–monogram, full name, even a quotation. Get clever! The more personal, the more fun. 

This set is perfect as a “starter” set for groomsmen or as a travel set for the pro-griller, it’s also a sweet gift for those who love to cook outdoors, travel and be social. The monogrammed wood box makes it visually perfect for the rustic look of your wedding.

4. Compass from

Gift-Boxed Brass Compass, $98

Alright, I’m kind of in love with this brass compass.  The compass is a traditional wedding gift–finding your direction, guiding your path, finding the way together. There is a lot of meaning in this gift.

This outdoorsy (and utterly rustic) compass says all that with a lot of style. It is not your average compass. From the website, it was “inspired by an antique pocket model once commonly used by geologists and engineers.”

While not antique, it has the look of an antique, timely device, and is genuinely special. So cool, right?

It’s beautifully presented in cool sheesham box that is engraved with your groomsman’s name and perfect to display on a desk or at home. 

This is handcrafted of solid brass, pure quality. It has 99 per cent five star reviews on the website. Small enough to fit in your pocket–and still striking enough to be a conversation starter!

5. Mint Julep Cups from

GALROSE Galvanized Mint Julep Cups – Silver with Rose Gold, Set of 2, $42.95

These cool vintage mugs, handcrafted in India, are completely unique. No two are the same. They are beautiful for bar decoration, display or for regular use (especially good for the budding home bartender).

Each of these tumblers is made from stainless steel and iron with a double-walled inner lining, which keeps drink hot or cold. While this company doesn’t engrave them, each comes with a custom plaque so you can have them engraved if you wish.

At 16 oz, the size is perfect for cocktails and great for hosting.

With an especially antique and special look, they will add to anyone’s bar collection by being a unique feature.

6. Log Wood Plaque from

Custom Natural Log Wood Plaque, $33.95

These rustic engraved plaques (I mean, you can’t get more rustic than a big chunk of a tree!) are great for home decor, especially those who have a penchant for the outdoors. 

Solid wood, with a clear finish and a real engraving, it’s perfect for cabin or office decoration, or a rustic-themed den! 

A nice feature of this plaque is that it can really be decorated with anything–you can upload any image to be burned into the top, names, nicknames, even a memorable verse or quotation!

Quite affordable at just over $30, if you buy more than one the price is reduced. A pro for groomsmen gifts–these can be ordered last-minute and still come quickly. 

7. Beeropoly from

Beeropoly Board Game, $35.00

It’s good to end on a whimsical note, right? This game of beeropoly–the perfect drinking game for camping trips or outdoor fun!

This rustic pinewood game is different every time you play, easy to transport, and fun to keep in a home bar as well as in outdoor situations!

From the website:
Beeropoly invites players to quaff their way through a series of beer challenges—from a rhyming competition to demonstrating their best dance moves. Players take turns rolling the dice (included) and moving their bottle cap pieces around the handsome pine wood board. They complete the beer challenges along the way and risk elimination. The last man or woman standing must drink the Community Cup. Cheers! Handmade by Jackie McLane and Micah Renner in Omaha, Nebraska.

This gift is perfect for the groomsman who also loves his beer, loves to host parties, or spends a good amount of time adventuring!