Whether you’re having a friend do your hair, a professional hairstylist, or even yourself, it’s important to have your hairstyle picked out in advance and practice it to make sure it’s perfect for the big day. Deciding whether to do an intricate up-do or to let those luscious locks flow free can be a hard decision to make. It can depend on what type of dress you wear or even what season you’re getting married in. To help you decide what look you’d like personally, here are some ideas of wedding day hairstyles. Be careful when choosing a hair-do to make sure it will work with your hair type. There’s always the option of using extension to give yourself a boost of volume or length to get the do you want.

Hair Color

For the daring bride, it may not be about the hairstyle, but the hair color. If you want to go bold, try a different color. Make sure to test it out at least a month before the wedding in case you don’t end up liking it.

Half Up-Do

A half up-do is a good option for when you want your hair out of your face but also want some of your hair down to show off the long locks.


Whether you opt for a simple three strand braid or a complex fish tail, braids are a a beautiful way to keep all of your hair contained. Add some jewels or flowers to spice it up and you have a very quick wedding hair do.


Curls are a great way to add femininity and frame your face for a soft touch.

Straight Hair

If you don’t want to have to mess with your hair at all, then leaving your hair natural is a good option as well.


There are so many ways to do a bun that will make you look very classy on your wedding day.