Do you struggle coming up with a unique gift to bring for the bride and groom? Forget the days of casserole dishes and waffle makers. Today it’s all about the monthly subscriptions such as Netlflix.

Photo Credit: Robert Coelho

  1. Date Night Box-A date night box is a great way to keep the fun and romance lasting past the wedding night. has date night boxes that include 4 or 5 date night challenges/activities to create the perfect date night. You can gift three months for $60.

Photo Credit: Nicole Honeywill

2. Book of the Month Club-Have a bride/groom that can’t get enough of reading? Book of the month club may be the perfect gift for them. Book of the Month Club charges $44.99 for 3 months.

Photo by Arnold Leung

Photo Credit: Arnold Leung

3. Candles-If you know someone who loves candles, you know they can never get enough of them. How fun would it be for them to receive a surprise candle every month? Karma Candle Club has three different subscription options to choose from.

Photo Credit: Danielle Cerullo

4. Gym membership-What gym buff wouldn’t love for a month or two of their work outs to be paid for? Find out what gym your couple goes to and see what options you have for gifting them a month free membership.

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5.  Cleaning Supplies-Give the gift of a clean and fresh home with Grove Collaborative. They have all kinds of household products that can be sent monthly.

Photo Credit: Maarten Van Den Heuvel

 6. Meal Delivery Kits-There are many options for meal kits such as HelloFreshBlue Apron, and Sun Basket. Whether the couple is an experienced foodie or a novice when it comes to cooking, meal kits can take the stress out of figuring out what to eat.

Photo Credit: Nathan Dumlao

7. Tea/Coffee-Each month, Sips by sends 4 premium teas that are matched uniquely to them based on their Sips by tea profile. Their teas will make 15+ cups or 45+ re-steeped cups. They offer a minimum subscription of 3 months for $45.00.

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8. Cratejoy-For everything else in between, use Cratejoy to create a personalized gift membership. They have different options such as Geek and Gaming, Pets, Art & Culture, and Beauty.