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You have an image in your mind of a wedding fit for a princess. This is your special day. But there are a lot of details to bring everything together for a fairy tale wedding. Where do you start?

Your wedding will be personalized just for you, but the concept of creating a fairy tale wedding is something wedding professionals are familiar with. Below are a few tips to create the wedding of your dreams.

Hire a wedding planner

You may think you will save money by skipping the services of a wedding planner. Think again. The wedding planner works with you, your vendors, the photographer, and everyone involved in your wedding. You simply cannot watch every detail and be the bride too. Even wedding planners hire wedding planners when they get married.

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Before you begin, you must determine how much you can afford to spend. The costs of a fairytale wedding can quickly grow to an out of control level if you do not harness them. Once you have determined how much money you will have to work with, divide it in half. You can expect to spend 50% of your budget on the wedding venue.

The venue is very important in a wedding. It is the difference between lovely and fabulous.  Do not assume a venue is out of your reach. Make an appointment to speak to the event coordinator. There are often ways to tweak a wedding so that you can have the venue that you like. Here are a few things you should ask:

  • Will you be able to save money if you opt for a Friday or Sunday event? Usually, venues charge more for high-demand Saturday events.
  • Are tables and chairs included?
  • If so, will you have linens for the tables and chairs?
  • Check for blackout dates. This is especially important if your wedding is near a holiday.
  • Most people book their venue 6-months in advance. Ask if you can get a discount for taking an unreserved date that is closer.
  • Do they have a preferred caterer that will give you a discount?

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Asking for cash

When you need cash as a wedding gift, there are tactful ways to address your guests. First, you will need to set up a honeymoon registry such as Honeyfund. You should let your guests know what the cash is needed for. If you need plane tickets, list the price. Maybe you’ll spend some time abroad after the event travelling your extended honeymoon as a nomad, and your guests can buy you a dinner voucher somewhere on your route, i.e. train ride, housing, hotel spa treatment. On the other hand, maybe you would rather have money for the wedding than a gift. This could allow you to increase your wedding budget for wining and dining your guests.

Do not put this request on your invitations. Add it to the cover page of your wedding social media pages. Rely on friends and family to spread the word. This is especially true for your parents. Many guests will ask them what you need. Your guests may feel uncomfortable when they attend your function without a gift in hand. Be sure to formally thank them on the site and with a card. This tells them that you appreciate them allowing you to break tradition.

The Wedding Gown

The most important part of your fairytale wedding is your gown. While many brides will go to a wedding gown with a voluminous skirt, bridal gown experts agree, a mermaid style dress is classic, chic, and romantic. The sleek silhouette with the beautiful trumpet flare is the perfect gown for this type of wedding.

The right venue, the right gown, and these details allow you to create the wedding of your dreams. Your wedding planner will focus on the details that will make your dreams come true. All you need to begin is a wedding date.

Article Author: Wendy Dessler