When it comes to planning an outdoor wedding, there are so many things you have to consider. Here are a few things to think about when planning your wedding outside:

Are your guests comfortable?
You always want to inform your guest what the weather is going to be like. Whether it is going to be hot or cold, it is also important to prepare and have the things necessary to make sure the guests are as comfortable as possible. These things may include sunscreen, fans, ice cold water, heavier jackets and coats, heaters and etc.

Always have a back up plan.
What if you planned for a sunny summer day, but got a clouded, rainy day instead. It is a good idea to pick a venue with both indoor and outdoor settings just in case things don’t go as planned. If there is a chance of light rain, a tent may be used to cover the ceremony.

Make sure everyone can hear.
Depending on where your wedding ceremony is, it is very important to have a sound system that will allow everyone to hear the ceremony over all the noise. Clip microphones may be given to the bride, groom and officiator. The band or DJ would be able to help you.

Food choice is also something to consider.
You don’t want foods that will spoil in the sun. Avoid foods that are served cold.

The suns position
If you want the sun to set as you say your vows then plan accordingly, and if your wedding is during the day, the sun should be at the backs of your guests, not in their faces.