Weddings are not always the same, but most of them tend to have the same steps and structure. Here are eight steps to a wedding ceremony:

  1. The Processional
    When members of your family walk down the isle to their seats. The Processional usually starts with the grandparents, parents, groom, officiant, wedding party, flower girl, ring bearer, and the bride who makes a grand entrance.
  2. Words of Welcome
    The Officiant welcomes and thanks everybody for being there to support the bride and groom.
  3. Introduction
    The Officiant shares thoughts and can also share your love story or anything you would like them to share.
  4. Readings (optional)
    This is where people can be invited up to the front to share things about the couple with those attending.
  5. Exchange Vows
    At this point you will exchange vows and place rings on each others fingers.
  6. The Kiss
    After you exchange vows and place the rings it’s time for the kiss that will seal your marriage. “You may now kiss the bride.”
  7. Final Blessings (optional)
    This is a good time for a prayer if your wedding is religious.
  8. The Recessional
    The married couple is introduced for the first time and lead the recessional back up the isle.