The father/daughter dance is always a beautiful and touching moment in a wedding reception. It’s a time for the bride and her father to be in the spotlight and reflect on how much of an impact they’ve had in each other’s lives. Whether you’re planning on dancing to slow song or an upbeat one, here are some great options for your special father/daughter dance.

  1. Heartland- “I Loved Her First”
  2. Beyoncé- “Daddy”
  3. Michael Bolton- “Daddy’s Little Girl”
  4. Meghan Trainor- “Dance Like Yo Daddy”
  5. Tim McGraw- “My Little Girl”
  6. Will Smith- “Just The Two Of Us”
  7. Charlie Puth- “One Call Away”
  8. Lady Antebellum- “Never Alone”
  9. Michael Bublé- “You’ve Got A Friend In Me”
  10. James Taylor- “How Sweet It Is”