Springtime is here, which means outdoor weddings (one of our favorites here at Castle Manor)! We recently had a wedding in our waterfall area and we loved the color scheme they chose: ivory (cream) and green

We loved how they decorated our white colonial arch. They used sheer fabric and eucalyptus branches. Check out the cute bow the groom’s mom tied!

These centerpieces were so elegant! One way to switch it up is to use one centerpiece for the luncheon and have a different one for the reception! This couple used the bouquet of roses for their luncheon centerpieces and then used the gold runner, vases, and small tea lights for their reception centerpieces.

One thing we love about the Waterfall Grounds is that there are so many ways to set it up! Check out this set up. This couple chose to upgrade their chairs to our white deluxe chairs, which made it look so nice!