To mix it up a little I thought we could explore some popular Wedding Traditions and where they originated from. 
  • The term Bride: came from an old english word that was a name for a “cook.”
  • The circle of the wedding ring: is a representation of everlasting love.
  • Where the wedding ring is worn: the romans believed that the vein of the third finger on the left hand lead directly to the heart, so this symbolized the joining of the couple’s hearts.
  • Bridal Showers: originated in Holland when father’s did not approve of a marriage. The townspeople would therefore shower the bride with gifts to act as a dowry.
    • The word shower was used because in the 1890’s the gift would be placed in a parasol and opened over the bride’s head to symbolize “showering the bride with gifts.”
  • Bridesmaids and Groomsman: this started because Roman law required 10 witnesses at the ceremony.
  • Best Man: was meant to help the groom capture the bride and fight off the bride’s family. The groom would hold the bride with his left hand so that he could fight with a sword in his right hand. During this time, the best man would stand guard outside the new couples home until the bride became pregnant (honeymoon).
  • “Giving away the bride”: was used in times of arranged marriages. At this time, the bride wore the veil so that the groom could not see the bride until the end of the ceremony.
  • “Kissing the Bride”: in Roman times was used as a legal bond that sealed all contracts.
  • Tossing the bouquet”: in England was a way for the bride to pass on her good fortune.
Here are some explanations for just a few of the wedding traditions that we all participate in!
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