Things to know about changing your name:

  • Get extra certified copies of your marriage license
    • You will need a certified copy for when you get your social security card and license
  • Get your Social Security Card changed
    • This is the first place to change your name- this is a fee service- which is great!
  • After you have received your new social security card- get your license changed
After you have taken these steps, its now time to change your name on all other records. There are a lot of places that your name will need to be changed, so here is a list of places so you don’t forget one:

  • Bank Accounts
  • Passport
  • School records
  • Work- and work documents
  • Medical/dental insurance
  • Auto registration and auto insurance
  • Property titles and mortgages
  • Voter registration card
  • Investment accounts/401K
  • Bank Accounts- may want to join your account before doing the rest:
    • Credit/Debit Cards
    • Checks

For most couples, this is a complete list, but for those married later in life you may have more places which require your name to be changed. That could include a Will or life insurance policy.

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