Being prepared with questions to ask the venues you are looking to book with will help tremendously with the decision process.

Here are some common questions to ask your event center:

  1. How many questions are included in the fee?
    1. Does that include set-up and clean up time?
    2. Can you add additional hours? If so, what is the fee?
    3. Can those hours be anytime during the day?
  2. How many tables, chairs, and linens are included in the reception hall?
    1. What size of tables are available?
    2. What type of linen/chairs are available?
  3. What is the maximum number of guest/occupancy?
  4. Is there in-house catering or can you use any caterer?
  5. Are outside venders allowed (for cake, decor, photography, and/or flowers)?
  6. Will there be room for a dance floor with our guest size?
  7. Do you offer cake cutting?
  8. What is the policy on candles?
  9. What is the policy on hanging decor?
  10. Is alcohol allowed, and if so, what is the policy?
  11. What parking is available?
  12. Is there sufficient electricity for a band or DJ? Any restrictions on sound? Piano available?
  13. Is there a brides room? Is there a fee for using it?
  14. Restrictions on flower petals, rice, bubbles?
  15. If our event is scheduled for outside, what happens if there is bad weather?
The better informed you are, the easier your decision will be!
Happy Planning!