Many Brides choose to go with a Videographer.
Here are 15 questions to ask videography companies that you are considering:

  1. Can I see some of your previous work?
  2. Are you available for my wedding day?
  3. How quick can the video be ready? Will the video be ready to view at the reception?
  4. What is your style?
  5. How flexible are you to what I want to see in my video?
  6. What kind of equipment and lighting do you use?
  7. How many cameras/people will be there to get different angles/aspects of the event?
  8. How will you coordinate with our photographer?
  9. How long will you be filming for our video?
  10. What music can I use for the video? Can I choose the music?
  11. How long will the final video be?
  12. How many copies of the final video will I receive? What is the charge for additional ones?
  13. Will I also receive some of the raw footage that may not be placed in the video?
  14. What are the fees? Deposit? Cancellation terms?
  15. Why should I hire you?

Happy Planning!