We absolutely adore this wedding we just held here at Castle Manor! Can you say cute?! Camo + Red = the perfect hunting themed wedding! Complete with a yummy SMORES bar for roastin, shotgun shells in the centerpieces and woodsy plants to all tie in and bring a wilderness theme into The Castle.
Creative wood stand to put cupcakes on for the guests.
A S’MORES BAR! How adorable and creative? The guests loved it too!Those are shot gun shells in there around the chaffing candles for roasting the mallows!
You might not be able to see but the flowers had shot gun shells in the arrangement. The wood back drop really help this wedding have that woodsy feel they were going for!
This is only half of it! We had seating for over 250 people at this ceremony.
The theme of camo & red continued into the cake! We loved this fun and out of the box event! 

What do you think of this event & the way they strayed from tradition with a dash of hunting on their wedding day?!