Some of you may think that the brides have all the worries and the groom is just there for the party. In some cases that may be true, but this article I found on here on says differently. Here are some things that the groom’s worry about too!

Groom Worry: He has to stick to the budget—while pleasing the bride.

“The biggest challenge was keeping the wedding in budget while maintaining the small stuff like wedding colors and whether or not things match perfectly, and if the heights of groomsmen and bridesmaids match up.” —Ryan, 27

Groom Worry: He’s obsessed with the details (as much as the bride is).

“He became quite meticulous: ties just right, cuffs on correctly, no gum, no scuffs on the shoes, the whole nine yards. We all knew he was just wanting the best for his bride-to-be.” —Collin, 26

Groom Worry: He freaks out about everyone else having a blast.

“Most of the time, he was worrying about everyone else, hoping that the family was having a good time, hoping that everyone was OK in spite of the heat.” —Paul, 25

Groom Worry: He can’t get dressed without help.

“He realized that the bowtie he’d received was a real bowtie, not a clip-on or anything pre-tied. We were lucky, though, because I’ve been tying bowties for years. So there were many shots in his formal photography album of me having to tie his bowtie and put on his boutonniere.” —Rob, 29

Groom Worry: He’s nervous about everything going according to plan.

“All the groomsmen were from Virginia, so he was worried about getting them to the right place at the right time in St. Louis, where they had no idea where they were going.” —Jay, 21

Groom Worry: What if it rains?

“There were a lot of rehearsals. It was an outdoor wedding on a beach in New Zealand, so he was really worried about the weather.” —Shane, 36

Groom Worry: He doesn’t know what to write in his vows.

“The day of the wedding he woke up and was trying to come up with the vows. He said that he did them off the top of his head. During his vows, he was like, ‘A couple months ago I was preparing my vows…’ and we all knew he was lying.” —Curtis, 20

Groom Worry: He doesn’t know the dress code.

“He was nervous and overwhelmed when people asked him what to wear for the rehearsal dinner. He was getting all kinds of text messages, and he didn’t really know. He called his mom to ask her what people should wear.” —Derek, 32

Groom Worry: He’s uncomfortable with all the attention.

“He was kind of anxious. I think it was…having the whole day be about him and his soon-to-be wife.” —Danny, 20