Part of planning a wedding is being prepared with food and desserts for a luncheon or reception. And when we say dessert we’re not just referring to the cake anymore, here are some of the latest dessert trends we found from Dessert Trends


Skip the dessert table
Serve your wedding cake for dessert — and that’s it. For those guests who don’t want cake (or can’t have it for dietary reasons), you can offer a delicious fruit salad. By limiting your guests’ options, they’ll be more likely to eat your cake. And to cut down on the cost of your wedding cake, have a smaller cake for show to use for the cake cutting ceremony, then serve your guests plated sheet cake in the same flavor. Sheet cake is a fraction of the cost of a fancy wedding cake and they’ll never know the difference.

When trying to decide where to go for your wedding cake contact one of our preferred vendors, Grace Harvell, from “The Graceful Bake.” She does a great job and is awesome to work with! Above is a picture of one of her most recent cakes and here is a link to her blog for more The Graceful Baker.


Add a late night snack
About 30 minutes before your wedding reception is over, bring out the snacks. Many brides are opting for oversized chocolate chip cookies and bottles of milk to finish off the night. Since it has been several hours since your guests had their meal and cake, they are probably looking for something to munch on. Other choices included white chocolate dipped oreos, Whoopie Pies, Twinkies and other inexpensive snack cakes.


Serve ice cream instead of cake
Skip your wedding cake altogether and instead have an ice cream sundae bar. Your guests can serve themselves and top their sundaes with various candy, cookies and other toppings. Instead of feeding each other cake during the cake cutting ceremony, you can feed each other a spoonful of ice cream — it still makes a fun photo op.

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