Styles are always changing and it’s no different with weddings. If you’re planning a wedding it’s always nice to be up-to-date with the latest trends. We found this years biggest wedding trends on and here’s a few we’d like to share with you! 


1. Fresh Look

Using real flowers to garnish small cakes and cupcakes is gaining popularity, said Stephanie Scheff of Kara’s Cupcakes. She added that other cake trends that are sticking around include customization with monograms etc., rustic and indie styles, and DIY.

Here at the Castle we recommend working with Grace Harvell from “The Graceful Baker” to make the perfect wedding cake, cupcake or cookies!


2. Time to Shine

The bride won’t be the only one glowing this year, as Floramor‘s Laura Little said weddings will be full of champagne colors, candlelight, shimmer, glitter, and sparkle!

We recently received some new sparkle table runners here at Castle Manor that will help add a little more sparkle to your decor!


3. Ooh La La

Floramor’s Laura Little said themed weddings are big this year, and she’s got a Victorian carnival one as well as multiple Marie Antoinette ones she’s doing in 2012.

4. Shades of Gray

“Gray is the new black” when it comes to weddings this year, said Alicia Falango of Alicia K Designs. And don’t be surprised if you see bright oranges and yellows and some ’80s inspiration at big days in 2012, she adds that with ’80s fashions coming back, weddings inspired by the decade are soon to follow.

5. Color and Bling

Event consultants from Classic Party Rentals said the days of white on white weddings is over, and it’s all about bringing in pops of color. But they also said they’re seeing touches of bling on tablescapes and beyond.

We have many different colors of tableclothes, sashes, and other decor to use on your big day!


6. Sweet Thing

While red velvet’s popularity isn’t going away anytime soon, the ladies from Sibby’s Cupcakery dished that one of their newer popular flavors is dulce de leche. They also added that gluten-free cupcakes are gaining momentum.

7. Au Natural

Wedding photographer Elizabeth Hurley said the type of photos her brides want is editorial and lifestyle shots. These aren’t overly processed and include a lot of natural light. She adds that couples are more discerning now about the quality of their photos and are willing to spend a lot of time to get great shots.

When you book your wedding with us we have outside areas perfect for taking pictures and creating that natural look. We recommend working with Gary Bird from Gary Bird Photography to capture those special moments on your day.

Wedding planning can be stressful but very fun at the same time, hope these tips/trends help!