Lets face it, when planning a wedding the colors you choose will ultimately affect the turnout of the big event. Here is some tips and how to’s when trying to determine just what style, or colors will make or break your big day.
#1: Your style, your choice- Most of the time brides will go with their favorite colors, or already have a theme in mind that they have always pictured when thinking about their wedding. If you aren’t sure what your style is exactly, simply look at home decor magazines and see what different ensembles command your attention. That way you can get a better idea of what looks and color schemes you really like.

#2 Home Sweet Home- Speaking of home decor magazines, how you want to decorate your home can give you a sense of how to decorate your reception.(Another way of determining your own personal sense of style) Most of the time you can spend alot of money just in decorations alone for your wedding, my advice is to not spend it on colors and things that you will never use again. ALOT of the things that I used to decorate with (old windows, picture frames, etc.) at my reception, I took home with me and use as my house decorations. I am not saying to use a gorgeous chandelier in your living room, but the little things here and there with splashes of color, will help when transitioning a house to a home after you say your “I Do’s”.

#3 The Gown- Many women like to theme their weddings around their gowns of course.This can be a HUGE help in determining how you would like your wedding to turn out. For example, if you get a vintage gown with lace you most likely will decorate with neutrals, pastels, and anything that screams VINTAGE! There are many variations, and luckily MANY gowns out there to choose from. For some people it can steer them in the right direction as to how they want their big day to look.

#4 Season and Venue- The seasons have a lot to do with planning a wedding. Of course you don’t want to have a outside wedding when it is 10 degrees and snowing. This can have a big influence on how people will choose colors and decorations. With that being said, Venues have a big influence also; depending on the layout of the building, or even the color of the walls people will generally choose colors and decorations that flow with the surroundings. Obviously, a outside wedding can in some ways create its own backdrop, with landscaping and such, but a building’s personality can have the “wow” effect you are looking for also.