Whether it is a Distinct or Subtle Theme- 


Most Couples Have a Theme to Their Wedding

 Here are our Top 5 Wedding Themes:


1. Shabby Chic Wedding- 

This style gives the appearance of antique with a feminine touch. Shabby Chic can offer a modern style with a unique formal elegance. Things that are commonly used include: bird cages, couches, doors, ribbon, and old dressers.

2. The Beach Wedding- 


For those who do not have the luxury to plan and out-of-town beach wedding, you can bring the beach theme to any venue by incorporating ocean-related decor. Using seashells, and colors like coral, blue, and sea mist green can help incorporate the beach them.



3. Victorian Vintage Wedding- 




This style uses a lot of patterns with floral designs, damask prints, and everything feminine. This theme incorporates chandeliers, candles, and crystal stands.  Typically this style incorporates a plum purple, green or red colors.




4. Fairy Tale Wedding- 


This charming theme is often taken from Disney movies. Fairy Tale Weddings avoid harsh tones, and use more pastel and light colors. You should also use a lot of sheer/organza, dimmed lighting, and crystals.  Your guest should walk into a calm atmosphere.


5. Country/Backyard Wedding- 


Whether you are a cowgirl, enjoy the outdoors, or just want to do something different, this theme can offer a fun alternative.  

Common used items include: a wooden arch, mason jars, butterflies, birdhouses, and taking advantage of earth-toned colors.