Top Five Tips when planning your Wedding Food:

Establish a budget.

Establishing you budget first will allow you to better clarify choices. For brides that want to do a more inexpensive reception food, you can simple serve cake and punch or do a candy bar. Others may want to serve a meal at their reception instead. Establishing a budget first allows you to shift through your preliminary options.

Diversity in your food.

Diversity in color, options, and ethnicity should all be considered. Don’t be afraid to cross cultures in your food options. Consider the color/esthetic side of your food; all foods can create a beautiful presentation when done right. Also take into consideration any special food needs that your guests might have.

Write down the steps of the preparation of the food.

If you are using a caterer you can omit this step. Otherwise, consider the time that is involved in the food preparation and have a plan for action.

Decide how you want the food to be served.

Be creative on this part! Using specialty linens, décor, colorful foods, pretty glassware, etc. can make the food table setup something to talk about!

Consider cleanup.

Is the food you are serving going to take a lot of cleanup? It is important to consider this part as well and it may influence your decision.