Top 8 Necessities for Every Wedding:

Marriage license- no matter how pretty your décor is and how well everything is planned, you are not going to make it very far on your wedding day without your marriage license. Get it early and put it in a safe place.

Wedding dress- The wedding dress can be a center focus of your wedding. What design of dress you choose should make a statement about yourself. Other accessories that the bride needs are: bridal slip, veil, shoes, wedding ring, garter, and jewelry.

The groom- depending on the groom, he may be involved in every step or just show up on the wedding day, but make sure that you have his tux, wedding ring, shoes, and black formal socks!

The cake- whether simple or extravagant, the wedding cake is a focal point for your décor. Make sure you have everything planned for cutting the cake and serving it to your guests.

Flowers- the bridal bouquet can be a perfect outlet to add the color into your event that you are looking for. Flowers are also a wonderful option for centerpieces.

Décor- really adds the extra touch to any event. Centerpieces are a necessity to create a complete style to your tables. Sashes are an excellent way to add elegance and color either on the tables as runners or tied onto the chairs.

Photographer- at the end of the day, the pictures is something that will help you remember your wonderful day. Make sure you get a photographer that matches your style and understands your needs.

Thank you notes- this is a vital part that happens after your wedding day. Make sure to thank all of those who helped out and gave you gifts.