Castle Manor – Wedding Events
Event Areas:
First Floor North Room- $800
·         This area can fit 8 reception tables, as well as a book table, cake table, buffet tables and backdrop.
·         Luncheon seating for 94
·         Ceremony seating for 100
·         North Brides room

·         It can also be combined with the waterfall area for an outdoor ceremony or reception line for $1400.00 total.                                                                                                                                                            

 Event Time:

With any rented area the price includes 4 hours of “event time” before 10:00 pm.  Event time is considered time that you intend for your guests to be there, not decorating or cleanup time. You will have access to the building for most of the day, but you pay when your event is going. 
·         To add hours after 10:00 pm, the cost is $200 per hour.
·         If you would like to add additional hours before 10:00 pm, the cost is $100 per hour.
Included in rental:
·         All tables
·         White Samsonite chairs
·         Standard linens
o    white, black, brown, ivory, forest green, navy blue, purple, sandalwood, peach, red, or light blue.
·         Choice of Backdrop
o    Roman Arch, Colonial Arch or iron Gate Arch
o    Any other backdrop can be rented for $65
·         Setup/take down of the event
o    Anything that you have rented from Castle Manor.
o    Personal items and décor are your responsibility.
·         Audio/video equipment
o    We have a TV or projector for a slideshow
o    Speakers and microphone
o    Built in sound system
·         Commercial-grade Kitchen
o    Use any licensed caterer, as there is no on site catering provided.
o    We allow preparation of 100% ready to eat food from a grocery store or restaurant.
§  Access to fridge, freezer, sinks, counter tops, storage space and ice machine
o    If you are cooking your own food, there must be one person with a food handler permit there at all times.
§  The cost to cook in the kitchen is $75 per hour or $250 a day.
·         Alcohol is allowed with a separate contract, fee of $250 and $100 deposit.
o    You are responsible for providing a Bar tender and at least two security personnel.
o    Wristbands will be given only to those who have ID
Make a Reservation:
Once you have decided on the date and area you would like to rent, a $500 Non-Refundable deposit is required to reserve your event (This deposit will go towards your total cost). You will receive a copy of the contract and a receipt.